Short Fiction

Reality Show, live! : Vol 2,Issue 6
The Saint : Issue 32

Verbal darts do not hurt: Vol.2,Issue 5
March 2019

The Evening Laxmi Danced

The Red Beach (Vol. 2, Issue 4)
March- 2019

The Beast (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

In the Cafe  (Vol.2, Issue 3)

A Story by the teddy bear

Soul Mate (Vol.2, Issue 1)

A Village outing (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

Crush on a masterpiece
September 5, 2017
( Antarctica Journal)

Stones: page 75
The Wagon Magazine

Are hills like white elephants?

The Evening Laxmi Danced

The Last Indian Duchess: A Dramatic Monologue 
Published in Indian periodical website.

Dogs bewildered

March 2016.
Published in GloMag: Monthly Online Poetry and Prose Magazine.

Fat man suspect:
Issue 65.

Jan-Feb 2016.
published in Muse India. ISSN: 0975-1815 

The singing mermaid

Published in Wilderness House Literary Review 10/04 

The family idiot

Published in 

Epitaph published in the anthology: Epitaph by the Inner Child. 

USA. Short Fiction Anthologized 

Home Family matters: An international anthology. 

Hyderabad.Nivasini Publishers.

*Attitude*.Voyage (global anthology of shorts). Eds. P.Gopichand and P. Nagasuseela. Guntur. ISBN-978-81-908822-6-2.2013

*Beware! Migrants are coming*: Contemporary Indo-Anglian K V Dominic.Sarup Book Publishers.New Delhi.2009.

*Butterflies, Grandma and Me:* Inner Voices.Mirage Books.2009.

Short Fiction in Literary Journal (government-supported)

  • *The Alien Strikes*, Indian Literature. Sahitya Akademy. NewDelhi. 2008.
  • *Eating Out with the Kumars*, Indian Literature. SahityaAkademy.New Delhi. 2006.
  • *Midnight dialogue, *Indian Literature. Sahitya Akademy. 2002.

Fiction in International Literary Journals/ Dailies*

The meeting with Hemingway:
Vol. 7(2)

May 2015.Published in Transnational literature, Flinders University, Australia.

A story told by a maid-servant’s preteen daughter:
Issue 61

May-June 2015.
Published in Muse India: The literary e-journal. ISSN – 0975-1815

Volume 14.

Published in Papercuts: A biannual literary magazine.  Home is not a place – Spring 2015.

At the party and after 

Published in Knot Magazine. Winter issue. 2015.

Sentinels of the Night 

March 6,2015.
Published in Café Dissensus

Inspiring others with his words: Sonnet Mondal, the young bard of India Published in iuemag, the best online magazine, October 2014 

The man who wanted to write like Marquez: Vol. 7(1)
in Transnational literature

November 2014 

With Barthes, on Boredom published in Storgy- literary short story magazine, 12th November 2014.

The Octopus 

Published in Indian Short Fiction Vol. 1 No. 3, Nov-Dec 2014

The Birth published in Beyond the rainbow : Literary Magazine No. 74, July-August 2014.

Vol. 6 No.2

Published in Transnational Literature .Flinders University.Australia. May 2014.

Dream published in Muse India.Issue 54.March-April 2014.

The Magic of the country’in New Fiction Journal.Vol. 4(2013).p.78 ISSN0978-6863

The call of the desert: Efiction

The sprawled man in the market. Micro-fictionpublished in the daily Seven Sisters.December 16.2012.

When love strikes.deserts bloom. New Fiction Journal.Volume 3.ISSN0978-6863.August 2012.

The Seven Sisters Flash fiction published in the English daily, .North-East.India.issue September 23.2012 

In a dream-real land. Short fiction published in The Challenge.Vol 21.No. 2.ISSN: 2278-9499.Jamshedpur.Jharkhand.July-December.2012.

The Shrinking Man

Short story published in Muse Sept-Oct 2012 issue

Stranded on an island within. Virtuoso.Volume 1.Issue 2.ISSN No 2240-6076.February 2012.

  • One-Sentence Stories.MS Academic.Kalyani.Nadia.West Bengal.2012. ISSN 2229-6484
  • The Luncheon on the Grass.MS Academic.Kalyani.Nadia.West Bengal.2011
  • In a Dream Real Land.Kafla Intercontinental.Chandigarh.2011.
  • The Café Bloomfield.Labyrinth.Gwalior.2011. ISSN 0976-0814
  • The Fictionist.Writers.Editors.Critics.Kerala.2011.
  • On a Rainy Afternoon.Contemporary Vibes.Chandigarh.2011.
  • The Red Bougainvilleas.MS Academic.Kalyani.Nadia.West Bengal.2010.
  • A Farewell to Dad.Indian Journal of Post-colonial Literatures.Kerala.2009.
  • The Forgotten Child.SevaBharati Journal of English Studies.2009.
  • Monalisa No longer Smiles.Contemporary Vibes.Chandigarh.2008.
  • The Modern Pilgrimage.Indian Journal of Post-colonial Literatures.Kerala.2008.