Short Fiction

 ---Crush on a masterpiece:
( Antarctica Journal,September 5---2017)

---Stones, page 75, the Wagon Magazine:

'Are hills like white elephants?'
'The Evening Laxmi Danced"

The Last Indian Duchess: A Dramatic Monologue published in Indian periodical website.


‘Dogs bewildered’ published in GloMag: Monthly Online Poetry and Prose Magazine.
March 2016. Link 

Fat man suspect published in Muse India. Issue 65. Jan-Feb 2016. ISSN: 0975-1815 Link

The singing mermaid’ published in Wilderness House Literary Review 10/04 Link

The family idiot’ published in Link

Epitaph published in the anthology: Epitaph by the Inner Child. USA. Short Fiction Anthologized

Home Family matters: An international anthology.Hyderabad.Nivasini Publishers. Link 2013.

*Attitude*.Voyage (global anthology of shorts). Eds. P.Gopichand and P. Nagasuseela. Guntur. ISBN-978-81-908822-6-2.2013

*Beware! Migrants are coming*: Contemporary Indo-Anglian K V Dominic.Sarup Book Publishers.New Delhi.2009.

*Butterflies, Grandma and Me:* Inner Voices.Mirage Books.2009.

Short Fiction in Literary Journal (government-supported)

  • *The Alien Strikes*, Indian Literature. Sahitya Akademy. NewDelhi. 2008.
  • *Eating Out with the Kumars*, Indian Literature. SahityaAkademy.New Delhi. 2006.
  • *Midnight dialogue, *Indian Literature. Sahitya Akademy. 2002.

Fiction in International Literary Journals/ Dailies*

The meeting with Hemingway’ published in Transnational literature, Flinders University, Australia. Vol. 7(2), May 2015. Link

A story told by a maid-servant’s preteen daughter’ published in Muse India: The literary e-journal. Issue 61: May-June 2015. ISSN – 0975-1815 Link

Borderless’ published in Papercuts: A biannual literary magazine. Volume 14. Home is not a place – Spring 2015. Link

At the party and after’ published in Knot Magazine. Winter issue. 2015. Link

Sentinels of the Night’ published in Café Dissensus Link

Inspiring others with his words: Sonnet Mondal, the young bard of India, published in iuemag, the best online magazine, October 2014 Link

The man who wanted to write like Marquez in Transnational literature, Vol. 7(1), November 2014 Link

With Barthes, on Boredom published in Storgy- literary short story magazine, 12th November 2014 Link

The Octopus published in Indian Short Fiction Vol. 1 No. 3, Nov-Dec 2014 Link

The Birth published in Beyond the rainbow : Literary Magazine No. 74, July-August 2014.

Change published in Transnational Literature Vol. 6 No. 2.Flinders University.Australia. May 2014. Link

Dream published in Muse India.Issue 54.March-April 2014. Link

The Magic of the country’in New Fiction Journal.Vol. 4(2013).p.78 ISSN0978-6863

The call of the desert: Efiction Link

The sprawled man in the market. Micro-fictionpublished in the daily Seven Sisters.December 16.2012.

When love strikes.deserts bloom. New Fiction Journal.Volume 3.ISSN0978-6863.August 2012.

Flash fiction published in the English daily, The Seven Sisters.North-East.India.issue September 23.2012 Link

In a dream-real land. Short fiction published in The Challenge.Vol 21.No. 2.ISSN: 2278-9499.Jamshedpur.Jharkhand.July-December.2012.

The Shrinking Man. short story published in Muse Sept-Oct 2012 issue: Link

Stranded on an island within. Virtuoso.Volume 1.Issue 2.ISSN No 2240-6076.February 2012.

  • One-Sentence Stories.MS Academic.Kalyani.Nadia.West Bengal.2012. ISSN 2229-6484
  • The Luncheon on the Grass.MS Academic.Kalyani.Nadia.West Bengal.2011
  • In a Dream Real Land.Kafla Intercontinental.Chandigarh.2011.
  • The Café Bloomfield.Labyrinth.Gwalior.2011. ISSN 0976-0814
  • The Fictionist.Writers.Editors.Critics.Kerala.2011.
  • On a Rainy Afternoon.Contemporary Vibes.Chandigarh.2011.
  • The Red Bougainvilleas.MS Academic.Kalyani.Nadia.West Bengal.2010.
  • A Farewell to Dad.Indian Journal of Post-colonial Literatures.Kerala.2009.
  • The Forgotten Child.SevaBharati Journal of English Studies.2009.
  • Monalisa No longer Smiles.Contemporary Vibes.Chandigarh.2008.
  • The Modern Pilgrimage.Indian Journal of Post-colonial Literatures.Kerala.2008.


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